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1. Describe the Lomans' home. Where is it located? What is crowding them in?
The home is in Brooklyn, not good shape. It doesn't have a roof and it is in a very crowded area

2. How does Willy treat his wife? Give examples where he treats her well and then treats her poorly.
Willy is very rude to his wife and yells at her everytime she interupts him. The only time he is nice to his wife is when he relizes that he is being rude and he hugs her.

3. What's going on with Biff? Where is he living? What is his attitude toward his father?
Biff is working out west; he is not a businessman. He has come home because he doesn't know what he is going to do with his life. He can't stand his father because he doesn't understand him. He yells at him but he still respects him.

4. What kind of character is Linda? Does she confront Willy? What is her attitude toward her boys?
Linda is more than understanding to Willy. She doesn't confront Willy, and she hopes that her boys will succeed.

5. What kind of character is Biff? Describe his character.
Biff is a 34 year old man who doesn't know what he is going to do. He was successful in highschool but he now doesn't have a plan.

6. Who is Bill Oliver? Why is Biff going to see him?
He is an old friend of Biffs who has always offered him a job. Biff is going to see him for a job about sporting goods. He is doing it mainly for his father's sake because he is worried about his father's health.

7. "Whistle in the elevator" is an important symbol in the play. Discuss the significance of this idea.
If you "whistle in the elevator" that means you are too carefree of a person. Willy Loman said he has never whistled in an elevator because he is all business all the time. Ironically this is part of his problem as a businessman; he talks too much and he is always worrying people.

8. Why can't Linda confront Willy about his suicidal tendencies? What would it mean for Linda if Willy were placed in an institution?
She said that it would be insulting to do that to Willy. He would lose his pride. It would leave Linda to be the laughing stock of the town if her husband were considered "crazy."

9. Make a prediction about Biff's attempt to rejoin the business world in New York City.
I predict that Biff will not find a job in the business world. It is not his character.

10. Seeds are an important symbol in the play. For Willy, what do the seeds represent?
They represent a new start. Growth, not literally but growth in society.

Bonus question: How is Willy like his Hastings refridgerator? Hmmm.....
Willy is like his refridgerator because he is stuck in the past. Just like the refridgerator Willy is not able to deal with the present or the future.