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1. Who is Charley and how is he trying to help Willy Loman? Why won't Willy allow Charley to help him?
Charley is Willy's neighbo rwho owns his own business. He doesnt want help.

2. Describe the encounter in Boston between Willy, the Woman, and Biff. What affect does the encounter have on Biff? on Willy?
This woman was having an affair with Willy. Biff doesn't trust his father now.

3. Why won't Linda confront Willy on the rubber pipe, his "accidents," and the possibility of "another woman"?
It would embarass her.

4. Who is Bill Oliver and what does Willy think Bill Oliver can do for Biff and Happy? Why is that not possible?
He believes that Bill can get Biff a job but he can't because biff never worked for Bill Olivewr as a slaesman.

5. Briefly describe the following references in the play: Ebbets Field, Spalding Sporting Goods, Red Grange.
Ebbets Field -football career.
Spalding Sporting Goods-false hope
Red Grange-willy's past.

6. Who is Bernard and what type of career has he made for himself. Why is Bernard's success so difficult for Willy to accept?
HE is a successful lawyer.

8. What is significant about the life insurance policy? What would keep someone from collecting life insurance? Do you think Linda and the boys will collect Willy's life insurance money? Explain.
The Life insurance policy is Willy' s worth to his family after he dies.