Arthur Miller Biography Questions
Directions: Please answer your question in complete sentences and include your (name).

1. Where was Arthur Miller born and raised? Give dates, places, names, etc. (Chelsea Ann, Jodi)
(Chelsea) Arthur Miller was born on October 17,1915. He was born in New York, New York. His family later moved to Brooklyn because his father,Isidor Miller, lost his job due to the depression. Arthur Miller spent his boyhood in Brooklyn playing football, baseball, and reading adventure stories with his neighborhood friends. He was born in NY, played football(William)
(Jodi) Arthur Miller was born in New York. His father was Isidore Miller and he was a lady-wear manufacturer who lost his job during the great depression. After his father lost his job they moved to Brooklyn. His house in Brooklyn is said to be the model of the book Death of a Salesman. He played football and baseball during his years in Brooklyn and the graduated highschool in 1932 and attended the University of Michingan.

2. Where did Arthur Miller attend college? Give years, major, plays, etc. (DaniellIe, Alex)
(Alex) Arthur Miller attended the University of Michigan where he began to write plays as a student. He worked as night editor of the Michigan Daily Newspaper. Miller wrote his first play, No Villian, in 1936 and won the Hopwood Award in drama. Miller first majored in journalism but then switched to English. He graduated from college in 1938.

3. What are Arthur Miller plays that have won awards? Cite years, awards, etc. (Rachael, Leanna)
All My Sons, received the Drama Critics' Circle Award
In 1949 Death of a Salesman won the Pulitzer Prize
the Pulitzer Prize, seven Tony Awards, two Drama Critics Circle Awards, an Obie, an Olivier, the John F. Kennedy Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Dorothy and Lillian Gish prize
In 1959 the National Institute of Arts and Letters awarded him the Gold Medal for Drama.

(Rachael) Miller is best known for the play Death of a Salesman (1949), which won the Pulitzer Prize. All My Sons won the New York Drama Critics Circle award and two Tony Awards (1947). The Crucible, which received Antoinette Perry Award (1953), became one of Miller's most-produced plays. Throughout his lifetime, he has earned many honors: the Pulitzer Prize, seven Tony Awards, two Drama Critics Circle Awards, an Obie, an Olivier, the John F. Kennedy Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Dorothy and Lillian Gish prize.

4. Who are some famous actors that have worked with Arthur Miller, both on stage and in films? Cite actors' names, years, etc. (Franklin, Tyler)
(Franklin) Death of a Salesman starred Lee Cobbs, Mildred Dunnock, and Arthur Kennedy. It first was performed in 1949, and the movie starring Dustin Hoffman was released in 1984. One of his plays, The Crucible, was made a film in 1996, starring Daniel Day Lewis and Winona Ryder. If it makes any difference, Arthur Miller was married to Marilyn Monroe for 5 years. She had an affair with John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy was shot. Catch my drift?...

5. Who is Sen. Joseph McCarthy and how does the play The Crucible reflect upon the House on Un-American Activities Committee? (Kathryn, Thomas)
(Kathryn) Senator Joseph McCarthy was a notorious senator known for his awful conduct on the issue of accusing communism in the United States. The House on Un-American Activities was created in 1938 as an anti-communist group. The Crucible was written to reflect this situation of "McCarthyism."
(thomas) Joseph McCarty from Wisconsin, served as a Republican US Senator during the intense period of a Anti-Communist suspicion.In 1938 an anti-communist group was formed called Un-American Activities. The Crucible was written to revolve around the idea of of this time period expressed as "McCarthyism".

6. What famous actress did Arthur Miller marry? How long were they married? What film/play did he write for her? What other famous American did this actress marry? (William, Joe)
(Joe)Miller married Marilyn Monroe. THey were married for five years (1956-1961). He wrote the film The Misfits starring her. Monroe was married to Joe DiMaggio before she was married to Miller.

7. Read several reviews from newspapers (Feb. 10, 1949) and summarize what critics and audiences thought of Death of a Salesman. (Ronnie, Matt)
The reactions to the play were shocking because the population did not like to face the reality off the American society. The reality and the suffering of the characters throughout the play frightened the audience and people by showing them uncomfortable with the truth. The ending, was especially difficult for the people to accept because the ending was an extremely risqué ending. Miller showed the dysfunction of the common family and the disputes between the father son relationships. So in conclusion, the audience was taken aback by the play and did not know how to handle the truth, ending, mentality of the characters, and the reality of the common man. (Matt)

8. What is Arthur Miller's legacy? What do critics and scholars believe is Miller's lasting influence? (Billy, Leo)
(BILLY) Arthur Miller's legacy is his everlasting plays and essays he wrote throughout the years of his life. The Crucible, A View From a Bridge, All My Sons, and of course Death of a Salesman are a few of his most memorable works. Critics and scholars agree that his lasting influence is what he created in the theatre.

9. When did Arthur Miller die? Explore his work history and find out for how long he worked. (Yannick, Austin)
Arthur Miller started his writing career in the 1940’s after graduating from the University of Michigan and acquiring a bachelor’s degree in German. Miller’s first successful writing was The Man Who Had All the Luck (1944). He wrote Death of a Salesman in 1948 within a six-week time period. Miller continued to write magnificent pieces of work and achieving many awards up until the day he died of congestive heart failure on February 10, 2005 at age 89. Ironically, this day the 56th anniversary of Death of a Salesman’s Broadway debut. Arthur Miller died a much-loved man, with many close friends with him at the time of his death.
As far as I could tell, his earliest work was a play by the name No Villain which he wrote in 1936. Miller did not have to fight in World War II because of a football injury on his kneecap. His career really started with a play that he wrote in 1944. The Man Who Had All The Luck received the Theater Guild’s National Award. In his 89 years, Miller was an active writer for almost 70 years, and his last play was Finishing The Picture. It was written in 2004, shortly before he died on February 10, 2005.

10. Find memorials, theatres, streets, etc. name for Arthur Miller. Describe when and how these "tributes" came to be. (Georgie, John)

11. Investigate the popularity of Death of a Salesman. In how many countries has it been performed? How many times? Who are some famous actors who have played Willie Loman? (Brooke, Phillip)
(Brooke) Death of a Salesman is one of Miller's most famous works. A half a century after it was written, it still remains a powerful drama. Many critics describe it as the first great American tragedy.Death of a Salesman won the 1949 Pulitzer Prize. In 1989, it won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a TCA Award. It also won the 1990 Sant Jordi Award. Arthur Miller's 1949 Death of a Salesman has sold 11 million copies. Willy Loman has been played by actor Dustin Hoffman, Brian Dennehy, Leon Jacob, Robert F. Simmon, George C. Scott, and Warren Mitchell. The play has been performed 742 times under director Elia Kazan. It has been performed on six continents. It has been performed in South America(Argentina), Australia, Asia(Israel), Africa(South Africa), Europe(Belgium, France, Paris, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany-Berlin and Munich, Austria- Vienna, Switzerland-Zurich, Scandinavia-Oslo and Copenhagen, Russia-Leningrad and Moscow, Hong Kong- Beijing, Japan-Tokyo), and North America. It has been performed in German, Yiddish, Swedish, Spanish, and English.