Respond to the prompts below, answering in complete sentences. Use the discussion tab above to record your responses.

1. What exactly is the American dream?
The american dream is the idea of becoming succesful in life by working hard to meet personal goals in life.
2. Is the dream attainable for most Americans?
The american dream is attainable as long as a person is willing to work hard for it.

3. What costs does this dream (and the achieving of it) have on a person?
For some attaining that dream is there main goal in life,but for others it might be the last thing on ther mind.

4. What kind of person would be a travelling salesman? What personality traits might they possess?
A traveling salesman is going to have to be a person that enjoys being around people, but then again won't mind spending time alone.

5. What does it mean to be the "breadwinner" in a family? What responsibilities might it have (and what toll might it take) on the "man of the house"?s The "breadwinner" in a family is the base or main supporter of the family, this may mean the man of the house has to work harder and longer in order to keep people happy.