Students will self-evaluate their work on the website. Evaluations should be printed out on a full sheet of paper (or handwritten) and submitted at the end of the unit.

Evaluation: Total of 40 Points

1. How often have you visited APADeathofaSalesman Wikispace?
Every day (10) most days (9) sometimes (8) occasionally (7) What's a wikispace? (6)

2. How many Act One/Act Two/Bio/Before the Play/After the Play Questions have you answered?
All (10) most (9) some (8) few (7) What questions? (6)

3. How many pictures, videos, quizzes, links, timelines, etc., etc., have you uploaded to the site?
10 or more (10) 5 or more (9) 3-4 (8) 1-2 (7) none (6)

4. How much have you commented (added to discussions, replied to others' posts, etc.) on APADeathofaSalesman?
Ten times or more (10) five or more times (9) three times (8) one-two times (7) not at all (6)